Tattoo Removal

Premier Laser Clinic use Q-Swiched NG Yag laser machine which are extremely effective for removal.

There are often many reasons people decide to dislike a tattoo or require it removing. The removal service we offer can provide you with a way to either fade an existing tattoo to allow for a new or revived choice or remove completely.

Here at Premier Laser Clinic we use Q-Swiched NG Yag laser machine which are extremely effective for removal. This quick firing laser is passed over the surface and breaks down the ink into small fragments which are then removed by the immune system.

Frequently asked questions

Is the tattoo removal procedure safe?

Tattoo Removal  is a very safe procedure performed within strict  guidelines in a controlled environment.

Is it painful?

No anaesthetic is needed for Tattoo removal,  though some people have chosen to use a topical numbing cream prior to treatment. Some clients describe it to be like a strong flick of an elastic band. The treatment is similar pain to having a tattoo but is much quicker. The pain will vary person to person depending on an individual’s level of tolerance.

How often are the treatments and how many?

Complete healing of the area is required before following treatments. Usually between 6-8 weeks. This gives the skin complete time to heal and the ink to be dispersed. The amount of sessions depends on a variety of things such as skin type, ink colour, age of tattoo. Removal can take between 3-10 sessions, again depending on what wants to be achieved. Total removal is not guaranteed, but book in for a consultation & we can take a look and discuss with you.

Are there side effects?

The initial removal is often the most painful & may create a superficial burn wound. Some patients may experience slight swelling, stinging and rarely bruising to the site. Many clients develop blisters, or scabs within 3days of the treatment which can last for 1-2 weeks. Scarring can occur (hypertrophic or keloid) but this is very rare. Healing is usually complete within 4 weeks. Good aftercare advice will be given.

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