Laser Hair Removal

Premier Laser Clinic offers both IPL & SHR laser hair removal treatments in a safe and relaxed environment


Laser hair removal offers a long term solution to unwanted hair for both men & woman and is suitable for most parts of the body.

We offer IPL (intense pulsed light) & SHR (super IPL). The latter being an “in motion” treatment that delivers more shot frequencies. Both treatments are a safe & effective ways of removing and reducing hair growth, say goodbye to waxes, creams and razors.


How it works

The light produced by the IPL machine is absorbed by melanin which is found within hair. The light energy is absorbed in to the hair causing a heat reaction that destroys the follicle. The short video below shows you how it works.

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Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will I require?

A course of treatments will be required, normally on average, 7-10 sessions but this can vary client to client. Factors to consider are the individual’s hair growth cycles, ethnic origin, skin type, hair density & the actual hair removal site.  This will be discussed at your consultation.

Is my skin type/hair colour suitable?

Most people are suitable for laser hair removal. Darker hair is most effective as it contains more melanin and absorbs the light quicker, fairer hair contains less  melanin & can be harder to treat, sometimes requiring more sessions.

You should bear in mind that you will not be suitable for IPL laser treatment if you’re taking certain medicines, including photosensitising medication, Retin A or  Hydroquinone, St John’s Wort, beta blockers or some antibiotics. Other contraindications are: tattoos or sun tanning in the area, or if you suffer from heart problems. Rest assured that all your medical questions can be answered at your consultation & to assess if you are suitable for the treatment.

Is it painful?

The sensation varies from area to area & from client to client. Gel is applied prior to the treatment to protect from the heat & to assure optimal transmission of the light. Most clients describe the sensation to be like a snap/flick of a rubber band which last seconds.

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